A flexitank is a single-use transfer solution. Used for the transportation of bulk liquids, it’s fitted inside a 20ft shipping container. Flexitanks are available in a range of sizes, from 18-24 KL (4,755–6,340 US gallons). The experienced team at Transolve Global will work with you to choose the correct size of flexitank required for your product, so you receive the maximum payload per container.


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ISO Tank

An ISO Tank provides a safer and more reliable, yet more costly alternative to a Flexitank. An ISO Tank is a re-useable stainless steel container designed to carry both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids in bulk. Our ISO Tanks undergo our strict sanitation procedures to prevent cross-contamination from previous products. With the ability to be reused many times and varying options from 18-26 KL (4,755 to 6,868 US gallons), ISO Tanks are an efficient transportation solution for many products and brands.


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Thermal Liners

Across all industries, moving products in shipping containers can expose the goods to severe temperature fluctuations. In many cases this can cause irreversible damage to the product resulting in lost sales and expensive insurance claims. Thermal Liners have been designed to insulate standard dry ocean freight containers and pallets by creating a special radiant barrier, enabling the goods within to be protected from the dangerous temperature spikes during transportation.


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Data Loggers

Our precision temperature and humidity data loggers let us monitor and collect valuable data about your temperature-sensitive shipments. These highly reliable, electronic data loggers enable us to gain greater visibility into every critical step of the supply chain, including temperature spikes.


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